Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The New Old Dresser

A few months ago I got this dresser for a song. It had been in a shed of a local lady for what I can guess by the insect traces was a very long time. The backing was coming off due to the extreme temperature changes and one handle was broken. Since there were no permanent insect guests and the bones were great, I decided to take it.

This is not the original finish. The owner had used a faux finish to make it look like stained oak, it was done with a lot of care, I was fooled at first. I am saving the drawer pulls for another project, they are fantastic.

I am a small town girl and love Shabby Chic since it reminds me of home. However, I am not fond of busy patterns and I do not trust myself around the light colors. I am a fan of clean lines and the simplicity of the city apartment look. Instead of sticking to a particular style I decided to just go my own way. I like to call my style "Urban Shabby Chic".
The tiny tiny dresser on the left was the original dresser for my room. You can see how much larger the new dresser is, I love it!

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