Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicken Sauce and Vegetables

The town I live in is the Capitol of the Chickasaw Nation. The annual Chickasaw Festival is being held this week. It reminds me of a sweet moment when my son was three. My husband was Navy and was deployed to the Mediterranean for six months so we stayed with my parents during that time. I had told my son about the festival and we talked about the Native American culture and I explained that we would be going to the parade and to see all the exhibits the next day. I often videotaped my son and sent his father the tapes with him telling his father about the things we were doing. I was videotaping him and said "Tell daddy where we are going in the morning." my son replied in a cheerful voice "We are going to the chicken sauce and vegetables!!" He is now sixteen and I can remember that little phrase like it was yesterday.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Decorations

I cannot find any of my fall decorations and it is making me so annoyed. I can picture the box that I packed them in. I have seen them since I got here, so where are they?
I looked back at the fall decor post from last year and it makes me so sad. I want to put the fall berry wreath up on my half finished house front door. I want to put out the "poison" candy jar. If you have seen my fall decorations could you buy them a bus ticket home? I will happily send you the money.
What a crazy five months it has been. I am ready for a little bit of boring. I appreciate my old apartment more now than ever. Knowing the location of nearly all my things was something I took for granted. I will enjoy finding a place for everything. I will put the seasonal items in neatly labeled boxes and smile every time I look at them. I will do all of this in what I call "future perfect world". I have a lot lined up in my "future perfect world". A lush tiny English type garden hidden in the back of my property, Fall dinners under my big Pecan tree on crisps nights and we will eat butternut squash soup out of pumpkins, an imperfect white picket fence surrounding the front yard with heirloom yellow (drought resistant) roses growing all over it. It all may not happen, but isn't it lovely to think it might?
Yesterday, I took off the ugly aluminum screen door and painted the front door before I remembered to take a picture. I keep doing that. How will you know how fantastic the house looks unless you see the before picture?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Introducing Mr. Weenie B.

Here he is all healthy and posing
Here is the sweety all sicko

Friday, September 11, 2009

It Just Happens

I am blogging along daily and everything is grand, blog ideas come at me like crazy and then I have some big change in my life and my brain just shuts down and goes into survival mode. This time has been of all things a puppy. Yes a little dachshund has entered my life. He found me, I swear.

I was driving back from a lovely afternoon of walking around Lowes (that would be a grand time to me these days, Starbucks and Lowes...Woot!) I am driving through a little town and this thing runs straight at my car and I can tell it has no sense at all. People let their dogs wander around here all the time and I never stop, but this time it was different. I stop in the middle of the highway and put on my flashers hoping I am not killed by a semi while trying to save this little beast. He runs under my car and I call him, "Puppy!, Puppy!" I scoop him up and set him in my passenger seat and drive to the side of the road. I see him and think, he is a darling dog someone has to be missing him. I go to the local convenience store and give them my name and number and they take his picture and then I leave...

I get to my town and begin to really look at him. He is a very sad creature. Skin and bones, covered in ticks and fleas, ear mites, uncut nails, and I bet he has worms (he had worms). I decide that he found me and that he needed a good home. My home, I guess. I am a dachshund person which makes everything even more weird. Is there a list for Dachshund puppies that name all of the people that might want them? Do they have some type of Ontstar that notified him that I would be driving in that exact location at that precise time? I wonder, but then I realize that he did not learn to fetch or sit when I met him so I think he might have lucked out or he had friends helping him out. I really have no idea. Anyway it goes, he is here to stay. I named him Weenie Beenie after a hot dog place near my old work. I call him Weenie B. pictures are soon to follow.