Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Broken Fridge and Gibbs

We are having a Halloween party in the office today so I made turkey chili, cornbread, white chocolate covered pretzels (they requested more fingers but I said no no no), and pumpkin cake. I had bought a really nice piece of cheddar (8.00 stinking bucks for a small wedge) to go with the chili. I had whipping cream to make fresh whipped cream for the cake.
I let everything cool properly, placed the items in bags in the fridge ready to be scooped up and brought in the office. I was prepared as you can get. I need a gold star and a trophy!!
I get ready and start to gather the food, when I open the fridge I notice it does not seem cold. I grab the bags and they are room temp. WHAT???? no no no no. The fridge broke.
We have no chili, no cornbread, no whipped cream, no yummy $8.00 cheese. The cake and pretzels survive. I feel like this.....
And then I walk into the living room and it seems that the loss of lunch and a broken fridge was too much for my jack-o-lantern. It had hurled itself from the end table onto the carpet. It was beyond saving, I can only tell you that he died with a smile on his face...This lovely lady is Gibbs she is such a darling and a very good sport, she makes the loss of lunch and the jack-o-lantern a thing of the past.

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  1. HUGE bummer about all the goodies you had prepared! Isn't that the worst? My fridge died last spring and while I lost produce and meat and whatnot, the most painful part was $50 in fancy cheeses. I'm still sad.

    Happy Halloween, Babe!


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