Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last Weekend

I went to visit family near Farmersville, TX.
One of my cute nieces

We picked mustang grapes

OK, so my sister picked most of them while I was off taking pictures.
She also made jelly while I took a nap.
I did not get any pictures of her mad jelly making skills, darn.

a birdhouse in the yard

As I was driving home I stopped to snap a few photos of sunflowers and
this horse ran right up to the fence and posed.
I had to take it's picture. What a ham.

I drove past this cute little town on the way home.
It is Howe, Texas.

What a fun weekend!!


  1. Texas is so unique. I have only been there twice and it seems like there is always such fun to be had there.
    Those grapes are freakin' huge!! Wow!

  2. Hi Ali, haven't been able to do much visiting lately.
    Love your photos and latest news.


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