Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vegan for Lent

I have made the choice to eat a vegan diet this Lent.

I am doing this as a way to sacrifice and remember that I am so blessed, to reflect on life in general and think of others when I find myself wanting. I am not part of a religion that practices Lent but I choose to incorporate this tradition into my life and I am better because of it. I want to give up something that affects my life in a big way but I want to go into it prepared and ready to find joy in the process.

For me this is a huge deal. I am a dairy fiend. I love all types of cheese, real butter and Greek yogurt. I am not a milk drinker but I am a fan of coffee with half and half so that will be a struggle from the start. I know there are soy and coconut creamers but both leave me wanting more. My first challenge will be coffee on Wednesday morning.

I will miss bacon. I was a vegetarian for over ten years and bacon was my gateway meat back to a non-vegetarian diet. I will survive without beef, chicken and fish easily. Pork will be difficult.

Honey remains on the approved foods list. It is my plan, my diet, my Lent so I get to make the rules. I try to stay as refined sugar-free as possible so to remain functioning, honey stays.

I will keep updates of how I do on here. If I slip up, I will be honest about it. Last year I gave up sugar and it was very a difficult thing to do but I did it and only slipped up once. A co-worker brought kolaches in for everyone. It only occurred to me that I was eating sugar after I was midway through my second pineapple-cream cheese. I felt so guilty but I did not quit, I just got back on track.

I have been pinning recipes and reading blogs trying to become vegan savvy. I love VeganDad. I think hearty rib-sticking meals and complex salads will help in the beginning.

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