Monday, December 8, 2008

My 2008 Holiday Theme is...

Do It Yourself Darnit!

Yesterday was design your own cupcake and today is make your own snowman.
Next thing you know it will be wrap your own present.
I came up with idea for these little snowman cuties for the company Christmas party.


"Hello" (x2)

"Hello" (x3)

They are super easy to put together. Here are the materials.

White card stock

Multi-color card stock for hats (patterns are fun)



Embroidery floss for the scarves

Pom-poms, buttons and felt

I think sticks for arms would be super fun if you have kids or the time to search out perfect tiny snowman arms.

They make great cards if you make them small enough to fit into envelopes.


  1. Those guys turned out so cute! People will love them. And the design your own cupcake bar is a fabulous idea! Kids of all ages love that!

  2. I'm loving the design your own cupcake bar myself! Would love to do that for a family party! The snowman are super-cute too!

  3. It was so fun. If anyone want the recipes for the frosting I can send it to you. I was jsut too lazy to post them.


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