Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chicken Sauce and Vegetables

The town I live in is the Capitol of the Chickasaw Nation. The annual Chickasaw Festival is being held this week. It reminds me of a sweet moment when my son was three. My husband was Navy and was deployed to the Mediterranean for six months so we stayed with my parents during that time. I had told my son about the festival and we talked about the Native American culture and I explained that we would be going to the parade and to see all the exhibits the next day. I often videotaped my son and sent his father the tapes with him telling his father about the things we were doing. I was videotaping him and said "Tell daddy where we are going in the morning." my son replied in a cheerful voice "We are going to the chicken sauce and vegetables!!" He is now sixteen and I can remember that little phrase like it was yesterday.

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