Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Am Moving From The Big City!

That is my big news. I am moving from the Washington DC area to south central Oklahoma. I know big news huh! I think it is time to get closer to home and start a new life, I am ready. I will be living in a very small town of about 3000. There are so many things that I am excited about and yet sometimes I find myself having mini panic attacks. I think in this economy...really? Stay where you are do not shake things up, but the time has come for a change. I don't really belong here, it is not my home. Sometimes I feel like I am lost. Things are more simple there and I think that I need a little simple living for a while. If I need a big city fix I can just pop down to Dallas for a night on the town.
There are so many things I will miss about this area. The hiking is great, I can be at the Blue Ridge Mountains in less than an hour. I will miss hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I will miss all my friends, the monuments, the seasons, my job and my apartment. I will miss the 150 yr old Oak tree outside my place. It has always been a good friend to me.
I will miss the Cherry Blossoms

I will miss the big old Dogwood Tree

I will miss this tree. Anyone know the name of this tree?

I will miss the Saucer Magnolia trees.

Isn't it funny that I will miss certain plants so much? There are so many people that I will miss much more but it is easier to tackle the goodbyes to things that cannot say goodbye back. OK that is enough for now. More about the big news soon.


  1. What exciting news! I think it is awesome and brave and totally cool to be making a change like that. Of course you will miss VA- who wouldn't ;) But the pace of NoVA is just so much. A nice little cottage and a job in a flower shop sound absolutely wonderful. Gosh, think of all the fun new things that lay ahead.

  2. WOW...this would make a great book. Cute girl moves from big city in search of a quiet life, working at a small town floral shop!! MAN...There's bound to be a handsome once Dr. turned farmer. YOU WATCH!!! It'll happen.

    You'll probably just love it. Sounds so calm. GOOD LUCK!! It will be fun to check in and follow your story.

    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Ali, great to hear your exciting news. The geography is all foreign to me, but it sounds like you are moving somewhere beautiful, more peaceful, and which offers great new experiences.

    I do understand about the plants! I would find it hard to leave my garden, and I'm not a gardener. I just love being able to look at special plants, especially our old eucalypt tree.

    All the best for your move to your new world. Look forward to hearing about it (and seeing it!)
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Ali,
    What an awesome challenge! You are definitely making a big change, but it will be so worth it - we have to do things in life that are hard sometimes, but we only have one life - and it needs to be lived to the fullest right? There are so many things that I miss about my
    "hometown". I think I mourned more about my plants in the yard than anything! A lot of memories were planted there. I wish I could have taken them all with me - but I am just determined now to "plant" NEW memories at this new house! Sometimes it can be so hard, but everyday is a new and exciting day here in Georgia. It has been fun to start a new chapter - and I pray that you will enjoy the new experiences and be glad that you made the decision.

    Blessings to you,


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