Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Aunt Debbie and Tiffany Blue Paint

Our family has had quite a blow this weekend. We lost my dear Aunt Debby. She was only 55 and it was a totally shock. She had a few health issues but had been taking care of herself and had even recently gone to the doctor and they said she was fine. I am done talking about her death I want to talk about her life.

As far as I can remember she has been there for me. When we were little my sister and I were her girls. When my cousin Keith came along that never changed, we were still her girls. She treated us like her own children and loved us without missing a beat. I want to talk about her more, there are so many great stories to tell, but right now it is too painful.

I know she would not want me to be so sad, she would want me to do things to occupy my time and clear my head. She always encouraged us to invent, create, redo, reuse and basically keep on keeping on. In fact, I am certain she would get on my case for the amount of tears I have shed, she was just like that. So I have still been doing things, mostly half hearted but I have been busy.

I love the magazine "House Beautiful" in the March 2008 issue they talked about color matching and they specifically mentioned matching a Tiffany box. I decided it would be a fun thing to do and try it out myself. What a perfect match! Behr is by far my favorite paint.
I think Tiffany blue will be a great accent color in the wedding section at the store and I did get the cardboard trays the other day at the thrift store. They are sturdy and were only .29 each, how can you pass up a bargain like that?

Sorry that the picture is so blurry, I took it in a rush this morning as I was running out the door. I plan on painting some pretty white scrolls onto the trays to tone them down a bit. See how well the paint matches the Tiffany box.

So... if you want this color here is the recipe. Remember accent color is the word with this one.


  1. Ali,
    I was just coming over to thank you for your sweet comments and read your sad news. I'm so sorry about your Aunt Debby. She sounds like a wonderful person that loved you very much.

    Keeping busy is always a good thing and the blue is a great color to cheer you up, I hope it helps.


  2. Wishing you peace as you reflect on your aunt's life. Aunties can be very special people in our lives, and leave great legacies. Mine never married, got a university degree when it was not usual for women, and always encouraged education for girls - she became headmistress of a large girls' school.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss Ali. She sounds like a special woman.

  4. tHANK you for posting the paint tin - I wish Home Depot were just a tad more helpful, as they couldn't figure out how to use the numbers to make the paint without a chip!

    I'll try Lowes instead.
    Abask Marketing

  5. thanks i got some idea to paint my kitchen trays.

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I actually took a picture of your paint can that you posted and took that to Home Depot. It took them all of 5 minutes to mix it and now I can enjoy the beautiful color of Tiffany Blue at my office every day!

  7. I am glad that the paint worked for you. I have neglected this blog way to long. Time to buy some batteries for the camera a get back to blogging.

  8. do u know the name of the tiffany blue color?

  9. It is a custom color, the only way to match it is to take the recipe from the picture of the paint can lid to home depot and they can recreate it.

  10. You can bring a blue tiffany box to home depot or lowes and they will match it...easily... ive done that

    1. That is exactly what I did. The color match was exact

  11. Take a tiffany blue box to home depot or lowes and they will put on machine to determine what colors to blend . I did it.

  12. I have found that Home Depot does a much better job matching colors. If you have a piece of fabric you want to match, they will tell you that they cannot do it, they can if you stretch the fabric over a box and make it tight.


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