Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Gloaming

Everyday I tend to get a little nervous about the gloaming time. The day is done but I am not ready for the evening. If I am in the house and I have not turned on the lamps I find myself sitting the dark just thinking, "I am not ready for this". I will sit at the window and watch the sky turn orange to dark blue, then finally to black. Once the darkness takes hold I get up, turn on the lights in the house and things are better. I can settle down to enjoy the evening. That is how I feel right now. The sun has set on the life I built here and but my new life has not taken over. I have done a majority of the packing, started the cleaning and begun to say my goodbyes to those I will miss so much. I do find myself in the same mood as I have during the gloaming hours, I sit and again think, "I am not ready for this. It is too early". I know when I finally get the van packed, drive across country, get the house ready and move in I will not feel this way. I guess it will be exactly the same thing as getting up and turning on the lamps. It just has to be done.
I want to her from you. tell me about a time you felt this way too.


  1. Oh, Ali, I can so relate. While my goodbye's are a little more elongated I too feel those emotions wash over me (to understand the full story of my upcoming move check out "coastal craziness" on my blog). Blessings of peace as you make your transition. ;)

  2. Hey Ali, you probably already know this but, you need to adjust your left hand margin for this site.

    Just look for a file that ends in .css - then use firefox with firebug installed. Turn on firebug, move the mouse around till you find the correct layer - write down its name - do a quick search in the css file, and then change the value.

    It will probably be something like: margin-left: 0px. Which means the margin is pressed right against the side.

    Hope it helps, great blog BTW, except for the margin :)

  3. Sorry Chris, I cannot figure out how to fix it.


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