Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2nd Grade Art

My oldest painted this when he was in 2ND grade he is now in 10Th. Each Thanksgiving since this has been proudly displayed on the fridge. You ask why this is so precious to me? Well he was never the type of kid to enjoy group art activities. If they were coloring in class, he would do what he called scribble scrabble and be done with it. He thought he was to cool for baby art like coloring and finger painting. If they had to write a story and draw pictures to go along with it. It would go like this.... "Army guys killed the vampires and they all had guns, war war war, bombs and fighting". The pictures he would draw would be of scary monsters, vampires and explosions. I was usually mortified when he brought home his homework. I was a no toy guns, be nice, love each other, vegetarian mother so when he turned into Mr. fight war kid I was shocked. He drew an entire war scene, with tanks, on the dining room wall (twice) when he was 4 . He would eat toast into the shape of a gun. I was worried about him. I started talking to the other moms at playgroup and it turned out that many of them were dealing with the same thing. I just kept him from going too far into the dark side and always refused to let him have toy guns and he has turned out to be a good kid.
Anyway, all I am saying is "I love this" and I am going to have it framed.

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