Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last Christmas

Before I get started on Thanksgiving I want to post my pictures from last Christmas. Give a little room between this Christmas and last. Make sure you look at the last picture, it is fantastic.

Er hey guys.... anyone have a fire extinguisher? The trees look like they are in flames, but they are not. I am going to get some less bright bulbs this year.


  1. Did you make those stars at the top? They're great!

  2. Hi Ali,
    Your decorations from last year are all so pretty....kinda gets me in the holiday mood!
    They were playing Christmas songs at walmart yesterday!

    You asked if the tray was chalkboard painted in my post about the pumpkin cobbler....yes it is. I used chalkboard spray paint. It was such an easy project. Have you chalkboard painted anything?
    Take Care, DebraK

  3. KT,
    I did not make the stars at all. They are plastic and from Michaels. The moment I saw them I knew my new holiday theme would be a black and sliver theme. I was a little bummed to realized they were plastic and then I looked at the $3.00 price tag and Hooray, I am happy again! what a rollercoaster of emotions.....

  4. DebraK,
    I have been painting pieces of hardboard with chalkboard paint and then putting them frames. It is like I have a new piece of art whenever I want, I love it. I am now thinking of all the things I can paint. Keep pets and small children away people.


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