Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Entryway

I finally got the iron hands up. And knowing me I had to change everything. I had the paint and the pictures so it turned out to be a cheap project. I love it.



  1. I spied you on my followers list today. Thanks for that! I love, love, love your entryway. Those iron hands are amazing. Looks like we are sort of neighbors too- a couple of hours apart. My hubby is from Annandale. I spent many, many weekends up in that neck of the woods. I am going to add you to my faves and I'll be back. Have a great afternoon.

  2. Love those hands Country Girl! Great photos of leaves too!

  3. Hey, I saw you were following me and had to pop over to check you out! So glad I found you! I love the hands in the hall. Those are really cool! I'm gonna read up on the rest of your posts!

  4. Love the hands! So cute and unexpected.


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