Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashion and Function

I have a tiny kitchen with only two drawers, and they are small. One for the silverware and the other for measuring cups and bulky utensils. Something had to go on the wall and this seemed to be a good solution. I use all these items often and now they are right at hand. I did replace anything that was not silver or black, otherwise it would have bugged me all the time. I actually use the hand beater. Really, get one, you will use it.So you are now saying, what is the point of this post? Well the point is... think about the things you choose to have in your home. Before I leave the store, flea market or yard sale I ask myself, "Will I use it or will it sit and collect dust?". Also use your everyday things as art. I generally do not buy expensive items because I realize that in my house it is going to get used, abused, painted or slip covered if it sits around long enough. I am not the type to save things for special occasions. Use the good towels and the fancy soaps while you can because the soap will go bad and the towels will soon be out of style. If you have pretty china, use it at least once a week, even it is to have soup when the kids are down for a nap. Wear your grandma's aprons and use her hand beater.It is the not only the memories you remember but it is also the memories you make that count. Oh and make it pretty.

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  1. Very wise words, Country Girl! I am trying very hard to do just what you suggest. What am I keeping things for? Admittedly, some are lovely family things that I want to pass on someday. However, my Mum kept lots of beautiful old things wrapped and rolled up out of sight. I have had old jewellery repaired and wear it - also a watercolour that had been rolled up for 100 years has been unrolled (took weeks by experts) and treated and now is framed and hanging up. So, yeah, enjoy the moment!


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