Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday SG!!

We had a birthday brunch for my good friend SG today. She and I are both from Texas so it was only right that we have a traditional country breakfast. Well... except the cupcakes, they are not traditional breakfast food, but I really had fun making them. and they did taste like coffee. If you are wondering? I am the head in the right top corner, with my eyes closed.... I borrowed the idea from Cherries Jubilee The cupcakes were a dark chocolate with a coffee butter cream icing and the smaller cake on the right was dark chocolate with peanut butter icing. I found the sugar pearls over at fancy flours.
I found this Texas serving dish a few months ago at a thrift store and had to bring it out today, it is a bit silly but I love it. I just notices that there is no gravy over in El Paso, poor El Paso.


  1. Oo that looks yummy! I love cupcakes.

    For a hyperlink: Cover Cherries Jubilee. Look at the top . . with all the Fonts B I. Click the little green earth with the chain link on it(or whatever that is. lol. And paste the link :D Hope that helps - I stink at instructions.


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