Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Ready For Homecoming

It is time to get ready for fall and the high school homecoming. I love homecoming, the bells, ribbons, sparkle and all that. I get really into it. I made all of my own mums when I was in school .
This was the display for the trinkets to choose from last year, I wanted to make something different.

I took an old picture frame and cut Styrofoam to fit inside and then covered it with red fabric

I then secured the Styrofoam to the frame by stapling ribbons across the back
I hid the back of the frame with fabric and then hung the frame from the ceiling with red tulle

Here is a look, I will show you more when everything is done.

These are my favorite mum trinkets, I love the way they sound when they blow in the wind and make a clinking sound. Is homecoming a big deal where you live?


  1. I miss Homecoming. It is only a big deal here if you have a football player of a kid participating. I have had those but they are grown now. The next one won't be old enough for a few years.
    I do love the excitement of the Homecoming game!

  2. We have a really great band in this town so the whole town comes out to watch the game and hear the band. Some people do not show up until halftime (when the band plays)

  3. LOL My daughters are already planning for homecoming! We have a huge mum making party every year. I provide pizza and hot glue guns and directions, everyone brings supplies to share and the girls and their friends (guys, too!) staple and glue for hours. So much cheaper than buying them already made!


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