Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Money Tree

A conversation was started about our local animal shelter. I am telling this story second hand so it might not be exactly correct but here is my version...

"We need something for the community animal shelter."
"You need more money, for something? You know, I don't have a money tree."
That is where I came in. The person requesting the funds came to me and asked if I could make a money tree for him. He wants to give it to the other person as a lighthearted joke. He even brought me the money and a few branches to get me started. How nice!

After he leaves I have to run to the neighboring town to make a delivery. On my return trip I spot the perfect little dead tree for my project. I drive on trying to convince myself it is silly to stop. People are very friendly and helpful around here and I know if I stop my car on this road, with little to no shoulder, someone will stop and ask me if I am having a problem. I know it will happen. I finally decide that I have to go back because that perfect little dead tree will keep nagging me if I don't.

I drive a mile past the tree until I find a safe place to turn the car around. The tree is in a little ditch and I cannot park right beside it. I have to park about fifty feet away and walk back to the ditch. The tree is dead but still attached to the roots so I have to break it off at the base. A man in a red truck passes me as I am ripping it out of the ground, he hits the break lights. I think, "Oh great, oh great, I bet he thinks I am having issues" I get my tree and begin to walk back to my car when he pulls up and his passenger rolls down the window and says, "Are you having some sort of trouble?" I smile and say, "Well, I was until I finally got this tree out of the ground." I then explained where I work and why I needed a dead tree. I don't think he thought I was any less crazy than he assumed I was before he stopped.

I get back to the shop, trim the tree and it really was the perfect thing for the project. The money tree requester said he liked the end result and that was that. So remember that Sometimes the craziest dreams can come true with a little hot glue and a dead tree.

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  1. Fantastic! I love tree!!

    what a cute fun idea!

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