Saturday, August 1, 2009

What do Jelly, Light Bulbs and A Clock Have in Common?

They all belong in a housewarming basket, of course!

A customer, Pam came by the shop today with a request to put together a housewarming basket for her long time friend. She brought two packets of light bulbs, two jars of jelly and a clock.
When they were young ladies just starting out, money was tight. Her friend only had one light bulb that had to be moved from room to room. Her glasses were cheap empty jelly jars and she did not own a clock.

Pam wanted to make sure that her friend could start out on the right foot in her new home and she wanted to remember all the things they had gone through together in the past.
I certainly would appreciate such a sweet and thoughtful gift.
(Garden Club jelly glasses are really great if you did not know. They are the high class jelly jar in my book. In fact, they are my favorite glass and I plan to have a collection soon. I have a whole post planned on them too)
As I was getting together the basket Pam said "Hey, it is happy hour!, do you want something?" and for a second I forgot what the term "happy hour" means in a small town. I thought, "What? I am working" and then I remembered where I was. Happy hour does not mean let's go get a drink from a bar it means this.....

Pam went and bought us both drinks as I finished the basket.
Thanks Pam!!


  1. what a sweet gift for her friend...i sure remember those days of not having much at all.
    we may have been poor but we were sure happy! :)

    could you finish your gigantic drink? i totally could~my favorite is strawberry limeade...
    have a wonderful weekend

  2. I usually never finish one but the large are just a few cents more than the medium and a medium is never enough.

  3. What a neat story to go with the gift. Wouldn't it be neat to receive something so thoughtful!

    I like Happy Hour too!

  4. I love that "happy hour" means something different where you live now! It's a refreshing change, I'm sure. We've both had enough big city "happy hour"s to last a lifetime...though I could go for a night out at Murphy's right about now!

  5. Letty I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday, I miss Murphy's!


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