Monday, August 10, 2009

Recluse Couture

I grabbed a vase to make a bouquet the other day and found this Brown Recluse at the bottom. It is about the size of a silver dollar. I let it drown in the water feeling little guilt as I have been bitten twice in my life.
I am not afraid of most creepy crawly things but spiders (and snakes) really creep me out. Even though I was certain it was dead I still wanted to jump out of my skin the entire time I was taking the pictures.
If you see a spider with these markings do not go near it. It is poisonous and a bite can be dangerous . I am sorry if you find these photos upsetting. Please understand that my only intention is to educate others about spider safety. I just do it with a backdrop of glittery pink tulle, oh la la.


  1. I just hate hate hate these spiders! They are so mean and nasty, and will bite you, your kids and your dogs just to be spiteful!

    Humph. Considering that a spider has a spec sized brain without the capacity for spite, that second sentence is just a creative elaboration on my part.

    Thanks for the public service announcement and the photo-op for the uninitiated to recluse culture. These babies really are nasty, folks, so if you see one...SMASH IT! No sparkley tulle necessary.

  2. YIKES! Sister I had no idea that it was a recluse. I didn't even look close at it with your 'teaser' message about it. I better take a better look. I'm so glad that you sent it to spidey heaven. And that you didn't get bit.

  3. I am glad too. I will certainly take care when grabbing vases from now on.


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