Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worth the Wait

I am so excited guys! This might not seem like much but I got new rainboots. I have been waiting and waiting because I just do that and I finally got THE boots I know I will love for a long time. They were seriously on sale, I am talking crazy cheap. I love the Lilly Pulizter vibe too. I took my friend's daughter to look for school clothes today and saw these and just about started to jump up and down screaming. I was THAT excitied.
I will use them for so many things like...

Helping my friends feed all of their beasts...

The cows

Dan (I love this picture of him)

The baby
He was very curious about my camera.
They also have two other horses.
There is Gary the Donkey.
Sometimes they have hogs and lambs.
My boots will be so handy for that and there is also

Yes I will use them then too.

What other times can I use them?

Oh yes....

When it rains


  1. Those are seriously cute!! I SO wish I had somewhere to wear them!!
    I hope you take a picture of yourself wearing them in the future - Stylin' girl :D


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