Monday, April 27, 2009

Downsizing the Wardrobe and Gross, Just Gross!

This weekend I went through all my clothes and shoes and decided to give away anything that had not been worn in a year or any shoes with dust on them. Man I have a lot of clothes that I have not worn in a year and I am so ashamed of this!
All dusty!!
I put the clothes down in the laundry room of my building
When I returned an hour later half the clothes were gone

I am pretty proud of myself, it was a hard thing to do but I did it.


  1. Wow I bet it feels good to clean out but I can relate that it took alot of strength to give that stuff away, especially the shoes!!

    Good Job :D

  2. good for you...every time i buy something new, i try to get rid of something old. it is a pretty good system for me.

  3. I'm proud of you too! We ALL need to do this for ourselves and for others as well. Great Post!


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