Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday on the Chesapeake Bay

I went to visit a friend in Maryland on Sunday. Their home is right on the Chesapeake and I took a couple shots to share with you. It was rather gray out but I think a rainy day near the water can be relaxing.

I made the roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts that I posted about before and pea salad. My friend's husband made grilled orange honey chicken and mudslides. I had never had a mudslide before, it was pretty darn tasty.


  1. Can I just say GORGEOUS photo's and I am not lying! They could be post cards! Wow!!

    You have a great eye for pictures.

  2. Cherie you are just so sweet! thank you

  3. Holy cow, gray or not...that is absolutely beautiful!

  4. these pictures are beautiful!
    thanks for sharing.


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