Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Address Book

Isn't it cute!! I don't want to lose touch with one single friend when I move so purchased a new address book. Kelly made it for me and it is so cute. I picked out my own pattern and she lovingly made it for me by hand. I love things that are crafted with care and this certainly was.
Go by and say hi to Kelly at her blog posted up above or go to her Esty Shop.

When I add information in to my address book I always write everything in pencil so that I can easily change the entry if the person moves or get married. I hate having to cross out things.

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  1. Cute book! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think the hysteria is starting to settle down now, at least she can talk without crying...for about 5 minutes....

    Cute blog, I'm a real foodie, I love recipes and looking at pictures of food.


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