Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Ideal House

This house. I drove by it and immediately wanted it. I never took myself for someone that would go for a Colonial. OK, yes my first home was almost exactly like this house except it did not have the two middle windows, it had a covered stoop and it was light blue. Otherwise it was just the same. So yes, I like the Colonial style.

Perhaps I am stuck on the little houses I would draw as a child. All this house needs is a curl of smoke from the chimney, a lollipop tree and an awkward family of stick figures and I would be set .

This home seems happy, like it is smiling. I think that yellow is the perfect color for this place. If I owned it the first thing I would do is paint the door and trim. I think a midnight blue would be very pretty. I would also plant bunch of orange flowers and lavender.

I knocked on the door to request permission to take a photo but there was no answer. So if this is your home, I did try to ask...

If you had an ideal house what would it look like?


  1. This is a really cute house! I am more of a southern girl myself (even though I am a CA native - ha ha) and I really would love to have the house with the big, rambling porch all around. I love that look. I have a small porch right now...not quite the same!

  2. This home is adorable. I think mine would be more cottage-ish. Something you'd find in Ireland with lots of beautiful wildflowers.

    Have a fabulous week tootz


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