Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh, Pardon Me, I Did Not Mean To Intrude

On Sunday I pulled the weeds in the planting beds outside the office. I usually plant the flowers in the Spring and did not want to leave them flowerless this year just because I leaving.

I get to the big Cedar tree that has a bunch of Virgina Creeper growing up it and get busy pulling it down, well this little Robin is very unhappy about it and starts to Make loud Robin sounds.
It has a nest and protests loudly about my gardening. All of a sudden the other Robin comes at me. I notice that there is a nest and let go of the vine and plop to the ground. This a pretty busy street and police are very common. It just so happens that a police car is driving by at the same exact time that I fall. Oh great!
He stops and questions me thinking I am drunk or crazy. I mean, I am gardening on a busy street in Northern, VA, I am covered in dirt and falling to the ground. I explain everything he looks at like I am crazy and goes on. Thanks Robins, thanks.

I saved the best Robin picture for Friday's Five Photos. come back in the morning to see it!

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  1. I posted about Robins today too!
    those rascals....


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