Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Think I'll Miss You Most of All

Dear small dining room,
I will miss you. You have been my favorite room the entire time I have lived in this place. You have hosted a few parties, watched the family play games and talk over dinner. You have put up with so many changes over the years and not once complained.

Notice the lack of window treatments. For the first two years, I did not even put up curtains. Poor thing. And the the suitcases on the floor? I am not sure why I even took this picture, but now I am glad I did.

Yes, they are licking their plates. No, I did not mind it was my sister's birthday and we had such a fun silly time that night. I am glad I snapped a few shots.

Thanks so much for all the fun,


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  1. hi there! we want to say welcome to our blog...we are thrilled to have you join us!
    we are looking forward to getting to know you.
    chasity and debbie


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